Starmore Obsession Continued

Sorry I’ve been away for do so long. Lots of changes have been going on. I moved (just one town north, so nothing too major), so little knitting going on in that time while I was unpacking, organizing, painting, etc. Also, my HP laptop automatically updated to Windows 10, which essentially blew up my laptop…


Anyways, I have continued knitting. I am almost done with Ruska. I knit it in the round up to the arm holes, then worked flat. The front is finished. It looks good so far, but I feel like I’ll run out of black plum Sweet Georgia yarn on the back. I bought two skeins of black plum and three of the main colour (I think it’s called slate). So, rather than risk it, I have put the vest away for now while another skein of black plum gets dyed and shipped down here. I’ll use the left over for maybe gloves or a hat…

While Ruska is hibernating, I have started Alice Starmore’s Na Craga using the merino silk Aran from Sweet Georgia. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I love this sweater. It’s such a pleasure to knit with this yarn– it’s incredibly soft and the slight variations in the color plays well with the large cables. I am so tempted just to take a day out of work to stay home and knit all day.



Simple Update

I am a horrible blogger. I am also without a computer now, so only have the smartphone which makes this quite laborious and prone to odd autocorrect typos.

Anyways… Finished Ruska. I also shortened and added the zipper to Trondelag. Another one I shortened was Mike’s St. Enda. Check out my Ravelry notebook for pictures.

I am starting another Starmore Scandinavian Knitwear project — Fana Woman’s Sweater. It looks like a quick knit. I really want something finished for me to wear before winter is over. I ordered Quince & Co wool, the Finch variety in ecru and dogwood for the contrasting color.

I am almost done with Aranmor (for Mike). I am doing the sleeves two at a time and only have about 3 inches left before the saddle. I would love to have the sweater complete by the end of the week. I’ll be starting Fana once it’s finished. 20170107_100749

I finished Ruska!

I just finished Ruska. I like how it turned out. I made a few minor adjustments to the pattern (see my notes on my Ravelry notebook), mainly due to what I believe was a mathematical calculation in the pattern with the required number of stitches needed for the V-neck.


New Roving from Ladylove Llamas

I went to the farmer’s market over the weekend and saw Ladylove Llamas there. My father lives down the street from her farm, and I have purchase roving there before. I like spinning with alpaca, so I decided to purchase more roving. It’s a nice blue. I know I won’t get much yarn out of it, so it’ll probably end up being something small like mittens.20160612_130348

Ribbing Backwards

I started Ruska from Alice Starmore’s Scandinavian Knitwear.  Everything was going so well until I noticed this:


I was doing the K1P1 ribbing with twisted knit stitches and I somehow picked this back up tonight and started ribbing the wrong way. Now I have this ugly line going along it.  I am not sure what I want to do, I really hate ripping out and rethreading a needle through K1P1 ribbing.  But, the slant is too obvious to leave.

Finished St. Edna

I have finished the second St. Edna from Alice Starmore’s Aran Knitting.  I am so glad this is finished.  It turned out really well, though of course I have noticed a few “happy little mistakes” but I doubt anyone else will notice them.


Sorry for the horrible pictures, better ones will hopefully be on its way.  I took this at close to midnight yesterday and it hasn’t been blocked yet.


I ran out of yarn.  I can’t believe it, I had over 2,500 yards of it.  I had to sew the sleeves and saddles using leftover cream Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool in order to save the little Valley Yarn I had left.  I did most of the collar in the Valley Yarn but ran out with five rows left and had to finish using the Lion Brand.  Luckily for me, the Valley Yarn and Lion Brand matched extremely well, the shades were spot on and the WPI was substantially similar. I can’t even tell the difference between the two looking at the collar.

Shortening Trondelag

Since Trondelag is too long, I have finally gotten myself to sit and cut it down.  To do this, I have run a long circular along the row I would like to bring the ribbing up to, and ran a long thread of contrasting wool through the top row of the ribbing (I did not have another circular which would be thin enough and long enough to run through).


I have cut down the extra and have unraveled the few rows up to the circular needle.  It took a long time to frog that since the colors were tangling up some.  I still have to unravel the few rows down to the contrasting wool to get the ribbing stitches live.

One I get those live stitches, I will graft the rows together.

Now I have this big strip of the “happy little trees” that I am unsure what to do with.  After all the time it took to knit this, I feel like I shouldn’t just throw it away.